A Strategist with the Experience & Mindset of a CEO.

Beyond Technology

Having the broader vision of a CEO, our goal is to provide a full assessment leveraging technology to optimize specific areas of your organization. The process begins by interviewing personnel, including management teams, to assess the issues at hand. Key areas we focus during on our assessment are:

  • Opportunities for Business Optimization
  • Growth Strategies
  • Technology as a Solution
  • Human Capital as an Asset
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security & Disaster Recovery

The assessment is converted into a short-term and long-term strategies with a broader vision in place for the overall organization. With both strategies in hand, only the necessary tools are sought out and utilized to reduce unnecessary silos and optimize the business.

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25 Years of Business Experience.

Growth | How We Help

For a growing organization there is often a challenge balancing expenditures with the ability to take the business to the next level. Organizations often lose the competitive edge differentiating their uniqueness from their competition when they don't have a clear plan for information and technology.

It is essential during the start-up to existance stages to develop strategic plans to manage the growth curve efficiently and effectively.

Key issues and strategic plans for the business will be identified and developed to be deployed at key points resulting in the overall growth for the organization. Such an approach shouldn�t happen in a silo. Having a C-Level resource with the knowledge, skills and experience of a seasoned CEO will ensure an inclusive process while creating a sustainable outcome while managing costs.

With a target on facilitating strategic growth, the key areas to focus on are:

  • How to Grow
  • Technology as a Solution
  • Human Capital as an Asset
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security & Disaster Recovery

We are ready to leverage our extensive background as a fractional resource to create strategic plans for your teams, overall risks, processes, business intelligence and effectiveness of using technology for your organization

An Executive with Proven Growth Experience.

Hiring a CIO or CTO

Deciding when to hire a CIO or CTO is not an easy task. Some companies hire CTO's and CIO's immediately others wait until their business is already established. As your organization grows, it is common for to have disparate business practices. Hiring a seasoned full-time resource to address the short and long-term vision for your organization can be a lengthy and costly process.

If you're not sure what you need or where to start, hiring a fractional fractional and/or interim interim C-Suite resource can be a faster way of getting many of the critical issues such as disaster recovery plan in place with a talented and seasoned executive.

An interim resource can help your organization get organized and ultimately avoid a technology-related catastrophe.

Oursourcing a CIO or CTO

Hiring a seasoned full-time CIO/CTO can be a lengthy and costly process. Choosing to engage a fractionalfractional and/or aninterim interim CIO/CTO is an innovative way to ensure your organization is ready for future growth and success.

Choosing a fractional or interim CIO/CTO is a faster solution to getting critical issues like disaster recovery in place. By engaging this type of CIO/CTO there is immediate objectivity, a fresh perspective to issues at hand and it is typically more cost effective by paying only for what you need while having higher caliber talent working on solutions.

Having a skilled CIO/CTO with the experience of a CEO can help your business get organized and ultimately avoid a technology-related catastrophe.

Benefits of Our Services

Whether you are searching for a new CIO/CTO or thinking about hiring someone for that role, an outsourced resource will position your company and team to meet challenges while strengthening your position for growth.

Here's why:

  • You'll have someone who can take your organization�s vision to the next level.
  • Any issues and challenges in your organization will move forward with direction.
  • You will have filled any gaps with objectivity and without political agenda.
  • There will instantly be a fresh perspective with high the skills and experience needed.
  • Create a faster solution of getting a CIO/CTO in place.
  • It is more cost-effective by paying for only what you need.
  • If there is a crisis, it is an innovative way to turn things around.
  • Get the advantage of the caliber and the extensive background of someone with 25 years of experience as a CEO.

We are ready to leverage our extensive background into an interim CIO/CTO role to create and implement strategic plans for your teams, technology, process and effectiveness of technology into your organization

Hire the Right Strategist.

Keith Dragon


Keith Dragon