It's All About Options

There are some situations where you don't even know where to start, and that's ok. We know taking a big picture approach to things like software, technology and business intelligence can be a daunting task for any sized organization. We also know there are times when all you need is a little help catching up, or getting organized. Either way our goal is to find the best way to partner with your business and its team.

Our approach is to give you options:


If you don't know where to start, this might be the place.

When we do our assessments we focus on 5 key areas:

  • Risks around Disaster Recovery, Encryption, etc.
  • Human Capital - aka Personnel
  • Business Intelligence
  • Technology & Software
  • Strategic Growth

With those key assessments we can develop an individual and strategic plan for you.


Maybe you already have put your own plans together for such things as Disaster Recovery, Technology, Business Intelligence and Software, but they aren't complete.

Maybe you've started putting together a plan and just need someone to finish thigns out.

If so, maybe it is time to have a third party like us take a look at things.

By leveraging our consulting services you get a fresh set of eyes on your IT with someone who has 20 + years of experience running a Software Technology business as a CEO.

   Fractional Services

Our Fractional Services are meant to give your project(s) the attention required to get to the next level with the experience of a C-Level resource and not just a project manager.

We offer Fractional Services for businesses who might only need an on-going part-time CIO or CTO to complete a project. While acting in the Fractional capacity we dedicate blocks of time to focus on your business needs.

   Interim Services

Through our Interim Services we offer a more dedicated and cohesive approach by integrating with your team as a full-time CIO or CTO for a limited time.

If your existing CIO or CTO has recently left and you are actively searching for a full-time replacement our Interim Services are a perfect fit to keep your existing initiatives alive and focused.

If you're experiencing an intensive growth curve and don't have an existing CIO or CTO leveraging our Interim Services might be the perfect fit for your business.

Our Interim Services will provide the full-time experience for organizations who need more of a dedicated resource.

Hire the Right Strategist.